Product FAQs

Espresso Machines

My unit is turned on but it does not brew. How do I wake it up again?

The machine is designed with a standby feature. It will automatically switch into the stand-by mode after 9 minutes of inactivity or non use after the last espresso output. To exit standby mode, press a brew button or open the lever. Your espresso machine is ready to be used when the brew buttons are lit up and stop flashing.

What can I use the Martello machine for?

The Martello machine is designed to make espresso, Lungo, Cappucinno and Latte. However, by following a number of recipes that come with your Martello machine you can make a variety of recipes with Martello Café.

What is the warranty on the Martello machine?

Sunbeam Corporation (Canada) Limited warrants that for a period of one year from the date of purchase, this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship. For more detailis on the warranty of your Martello machine, please refer to your warranty agreement in your user guide.

What's the difference when I brew an Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino or Latte?

Espresso: Because of its richness, espresso is usually served in 40 ml (1.4 oz) portions, in demitasse cups. It’s a rich fully bodied coffee brew.
Lungo: The Italian word for long, is an espresso, which is prepared with more water. The taste is less bitter and is the base for other coffee drinks such as a latte. A lungo is usually served in 110 ml (3.7 oz) portions, in large cups.
Cappuccino: A drink made with about 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 frothed milk.
Latte: A drink made with about ¼ espresso and ¾ steamed milk

Can you increase the brew or add more to my original Espresso brew?

Yes. Press the brew button once. The espresso machine is already programmed for approximately 40 ml espresso. For more espressos insert new capsule and repeat previous steps.

What are the espresso machine default settings?

The Martello Stilista Lattelux Capsule System is preprogrammed with four default settings. A single press to the top brew button will deliver approximately 40 ml espresso. A double press to the top brew button will deliver approximately 110 ml lungo. A single button press to the middle brew button will deliver a delicious cappuccino and a single button press to the bottom brew button will deliver a rich café latte. You can also customize your drink by holding the top brew button for the desired amount.

What's the height of the cup placement space under the brew nozzel?

With the upper cup platform in place the unit is designed to seat a demitasse cup. The raised platform allows for 90 millimeters from platform to nozzel. Without the platform the space is increased and a regular cup can generally fit in that space. The distance from the lower platform to the nozzel is 112 millimeters.

Can I use any chemicals to clean my machine.

No. Do not use any chemicals to clean this machine. Never use vinegar as an example

How do I clean my milk frothing device on my Lattelux machine?

Open the lever fully to eject the used capsules. Remove the milk tank, press the brew button once. The espresso machine will stop automatically after the express cleaning process.

What happens if another key is pressed during distribution of the brew cycle?

Coffee distribution is interrupted in advance.

Can I increase my Lungo brew output?

Yes. Press and hold the brew button until your desired coffee quantity has been reached (the maximum output of coffee/water is 300 ml). The brewing cycle can be stopped at any time by releasing the brew button.

What's the difference between the Lattelux and the Primeo Martello machines.

The Lattelux is definite upgrade to the Primeo. The Primeo only has one button. Although it is programmable it is limited to mainly espresso and lungo essentialy, on it's own. The Lattelux has three featured buttons and is self contained. It comes with a milk reservoir attachement so you can make Cappuccino and Latte.

Can I keep holding the brew button if I wish to increase the brew content in my cup.

Yes you can, but the machine is programmed with a limit to protect the machine. The maximum output of coffee/water is 300 ml.

How do I remove the espresso capsule from the machine?

The espresso capsule is automatically ejected when the lever is fully opened. Remember to open the container tray and drip tray to empty them from water residue and capsules from time to time. Rinse and replace before attempting to use the machine again.